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Rosalind first studied under local artist Margarette Looney. She also attended the Mitchell School of Arts a number of times at Charles Sturt University where her tutors included Helen Cottle, Barry and Lucy McCann and Judith White. She has attended workshops with other noted Australian artists such as Mark Waller, Paul McCarthy, Susie Murphie and Merv Moriarty.

Rosalind Conroy

Rosalind is an accomplished Australian Artist and former gallery owner. She specialises in vibrant contemporary art, with a particular love of surf and water scenes.

From 2007 until 2018 Ros owned and ran an art gallery in southern Sydney where she sold her own original paintings alongside the work of local artists. She also taught weekly art classes to adults and held school holiday workshops for children aged 7 to 12 years.

In late 2018 Ros retired and closed the gallery.  Since then she has continued to paint from her home studio and sell her work from various platforms. Ros is passionate about spreading the love of art and making ownership of original Australian art possible for all.

After all, once you have accidentally dipped your paintbrush in your coffee (about a million times) then paint flows through your veins and it’s just not possible to stop creating.