Rachel at work.jpg

Rachel Oliver

I am relatively new to the art world and revel in the joy and discovery of creating. I love texture and colour and have played with may different mediums. I paint mostly with my hands as I find brushes at times a little uncooperative. I paint with the added challenge of having Young Onset Parkinsons Disease.


I would say acrylic over Impasto would be my favourite way to paint but I often add detail with pastels, watercolour, whatever works. I love textured effects so I'm often guilty of borrowing household bits and pieces as creative tools. I would describe my style as exactly that......mine. Some days I paint right handed, some days left handed and mostly with my fingers. I often describe my work as scribbles, loose and somewhat abstract. I paint and draw the way I see things and I'm learning that art has altered my perspective to me see things in a more unique way.


I often just stand in front of a canvas and start with a colour as I don't usually sketch or plan out but I love the fact that the canvas can then go wherever you choose to take it and my paintings usually end up in a very different place than where they start, which I love. Having limitations certainly doesn't stop me, I paint even more so when I'm struggling....its the most amazing space...my symptoms get lost in creativity...... my impairments seem rather irrelevant when I paint.


I love the journey of a canvas and the fact that it evokes a response to me is the beauty of being able to share that journey with others. I hope you enjoy. Rachel