The Home of my Desire

45.8 cm x 91.5 cm

Oils on stretched Canvas

Orginal work

Art by Sandra Messner

The Home of my Desire

  • The Home of my desire

    The story behind this painting. While waiting at the vets for my Cavoodle . They had the Micheilia plant. It had its first flower and its burnt orange buds ready to flower. I was able to capture the yellow tailed honey eater sitting amongst the leaves. I have painted it coming from the side flowing into the middle of the canvas.This beautiful tree has aromas so devine. Each leave has the four seasons . Summer, Spring,Winter, Autumn. I love to see nature with nature.

    Orginal art by Sandra Messner.

    All my art works are orginal. Each comes with A certificate of authenticity. Canvas are all doubled gesso. D rings ready to hang. Sprayed with a gloss varnish which does not go yellow.

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