Sacred Bathing Place

Oils on canvas

61 cm x 91.5 cm

My home is sacred.

My home is blessed.

To sit and contemplate all through the week.

We are so blessed to sit and think.

Sacred Bathing Place

  • The Sacred Bathing Place

    I was given this photo from a friend. So Thank you for allowing me to paint this beautiful painting. Dont you love to watch such beautiful birds. Long necks so elegant yes its the Flamingo the beautiful white flamingo. With his red storks soaking up the sun together in its sacred bathing place. Amongst the beauty of the bushes and trees. Birds represents. Hope, love, create to create . Slow down , stay steady, no need to rush for this is our sacred bathing place.

    Orginal work by Sandra Messner.

    All my art works are orginal. Each comes with A certificate of authenticity. Canvas are all doubled gesso. D rings ready to hang. Sprayed with a gloss varnish which does not go yellow.

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