Title: Home

Acrylic on Canvas

40.7(w) x 30.5(h)cm

Price $220

Unframed and ready to hang with D-rings and wire


  • Signed with a certificate of authenticity.
    This landscape contains beautiful, multiple layers of texture and colour. Truly more beautiful in real life. It glows with rich ochres, sienna and greens. Broad confident strokes of the palette knife are evident. A stunning piece.
    I have long been fascinated with the view from an aeroplane. This is one from a series based on the land from above. The tyranny of distance of our wide brown land is highlighted in this series. The pockets of activity and lives led below, often in isolation, are endlessly fascinating. Our Australian landscape which can be a hostile place lives in our hearts, it is home, familiar and ingrained.

    Influenced by the great tradition of Australian landscape artist.
    Ready to hang.
    Painting has been sealed with a protective varnish

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