Floral Radiance

101cm by 76cm textured Artwork with acrylic paints on cotton stretched canvas



Floral Radiance

  • "Floral radiance-1”

    Acrylic Paint on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.
    Signed on the front.

    The colors of joy and festive spirit are here!
    Gift the token of love, the forever brilliant floral radiance to your loved ones!
    I created this artwork with the vision of happiness and warm heart. It’s capable of bringing smiles in a room, something you want to look at warmly.
    I’ve used coarse texture and hues of blue, turquoise, metallic purple and white for background. It also has metallic silver which looks radiant.
    The floral impressions are done with floral palette and has touch of gold too.
    Textured Artwork of over a meter from series -"Allure”
    The edges are painted and it’s varnished for protection.

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