Title: Floral Fireworks

Completed: 2020

By: Lisa J Gaudron

Medium: Acrylic paint

Surface: 4cm deep stretched canvas

Size: 121.9cm x 91.4cm

Floral Fireworks

  • Light illuminates and conceals, but more than that it sharpens some surfaces and smooths others. Light distorts shapes with shadow and it distorts colour, making some colours more intense, others dull and obscuring some completely. Our perception of light makes certain details leap out like fireworks and others fade into obscurity.

    In this piece I have concentrated on the way the light falls and the patterns and details created by the eye when we focus. This work is a study of the way that some details have a huge impact on us, yet others are insignificant.

    This is a huge painting with a lot of impact – it would be stunning in an open foyer or as a statement piece in a large master bedroom.

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