Citrus - Lime

40cm x 50cm

Acrylic on wood

Requires framing


Citrus - Lime

  • Citrus Lime – This is the 2nd of three in this series, where I had set myself the daunting challenge of creating monochromatic paintings. After much deliberation I decided that citrus fruits would provide great subjects for this endeavour as each one could be done in many hues of the main colour. In this instance it is “Green” and what a fabulous time I’ve had learning, understanding, experimenting and creating this artwork. Having met and indeed exceeded my expectations with this one I believe that I have created a lovely set of three. What fun I had!

    I imagine that they would look brilliant individually or as a set if displayed on a family room, meals area or kitchen wall.


    This painting is signed on the front and a laminated, numbered Certificate of Authenticity is included.


    PLEASE NOTE: In the photos, where the painting is shown mounted on a wall, these are purely for illustrative purposes. You should review the dimension of the artwork to be sure the work suits your needs.


    As mentioned earlier, this is one of a set of three in my “Citrus” series and it does require framing. I have presented it as an individual painting and all three (as a set as) framed and in situ to give you some ideas as to how it would look on your walls.

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