Cat Among The Pigeons

76cm x 51cm x 3.5cm

Acrylic paint on stretched canvas


Cat Among The Pigeons

  • Cat Among The Pigeons – Inspiration for this painting comes from the popular and well known saying “a cat among the pigeons”.

    I thought I might try a very limited colour palette and my home made stencils to create this piece.

    Boy did I have to use every bit of self control I could muster, as I kept wanting to introduce colours, which would have completely ruined my carefully planned image. I’m so glad I didn’t give in to urges and the finished product is exactly as I had intended.

    Do hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed painting it. Sides painted to match background colour. Coat of satin protective varnish.

    This painting is signed on the front and a laminated, numbered Certificate of Authenticity is included.

    PLEASE NOTE: In the photos, where the painting is shown mounted on a wall, these are purely for illustrative purposes. You should review the dimension of the artwork to be sure the work suits your needs.

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