"Birds Of Pray - Apostle, Bishop, Cardinal And Jesus (Jacana) Birds"

91cm x 91cm x 3.5 cm

Acrylic paint on stretched canvas


"Birds Of Pray - Apostle, Bishop, Cardinal And Jesus (Jacana) Birds"

  • Inspiration for this painting came to me one morning while I was painting in my studio. I heard a cacophony of bird sounds coming from just outside my window and looked out to see several apostle birds happily chortling to each other. Don’t know why, but I counted them and there were twelve, counted them again and yes there were definitely twelve apostle birds. Ah ha the seeds of inspiration were sown!

    I then researched and found that there were other species of birds with “religious” names. Having found Bishops and Cardinals, I wondered if “Jesus” birds existed….. I should be so lucky I thought! Well lo and behold I found the Jacana which is sometimes referred to as Jesus birds.

    I decided to create an image of these birds in a religious setting and doing my own quirky version of “The Last Supper” within a stained glass window.

    I am thrilled with and proud of this painting which I have titled, not Birds of “Prey” but “Birds Of Pray - ” Apostle, Bishop, Cardinal And Jesus (Jacana) Birds

    I sincerely hope that you enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoyed making it!

    NB. Although I have made every effort to capture the exact colours of this artwork I have not been able to achieve the vibrancy, however please be aware that there may be slight variances when viewed on different screens etc.
    PLEASE NOTE: In the photos, where the painting is shown mounted on a wall, these are purely for illustrative purposes. You should review the dimension of the artwork to be sure the work suits your needs.
    This painting is signed on the front. Sprayed with protective varnish. Sides are painted black. Ready to hang. A laminated, numbered Certificate of Authenticity is included.

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