Title: Beurre Bosch in Blue

Acrylic on Canvas

40(w) x 50(h)cm

Unframed and ready to hang with D-rings and wire

Beurre Bosch in Blue

  • This piece is bright and playful. I couldn't resist the beurre bosch pears sitting in my favourite blue fruit bowl. The colours were amazing and the shadows seductive. A delight to paint in a loose style which allows the under-painting to peek through the top layers of paint.
    Painted in a wrap around style so that the image extends to the sides. The canvas is 350 gsm triple primed and painted with top quality pigments by Matisse and Golden. The painting comes to you with several coats of varnish to enhance the amazing colours and bring every brushstroke to prominence.
    Ready to hang with D hooks and wire attached.

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