Title: A Day on the Buttongrass

Completed: 2020

By: Lisa J Gaudron

Medium: Acrylic paint

Surface: 4cm deep stretched canvas

Size: 35.6cm x 35.6cm

A Day On Buttongrass

  • This a wombat I met out on the Narcissus Plains of the Tasmanian Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park. The buttongrass is an iconic feature of the high plains, as are the famously sleek and thickly furred wombats who are generally supremely unconcerned by the presence of bushwalkers.

    The texture of the wombats' fur and that of the buttongrass seemed to talk to each other. The wombat didn't seem to care one way or another if I was there or not, he was having a lovely day out.

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