Eucalyptus polybractea commonly known as ‘Blue Mallee’ is a small mallee type tree.  It only grows in natural stands in the districts north and north-west of Bendigo in Victoria and in the West Wyalong area in New South Wales.

Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Oil is 100% pure Australian Eucalyptus Oil and is vastly superior to the Eucalyptus Oil you find
in supermarkets in Australia. Most noticeably for regular users of eucalyptus oil or first time users of Blue Mallee
Eucalyptus Oil you will immediately notice that the odour is much stronger and lasts much longer. This is the way “real”
eucalyptus oil should smell. If you ask older Australians who grew up with eucalyptus oil they are likely to tell you how
much stronger it smelt in the “old days”. That’s because most Eucalyptus Oil now sold in supermarkets today is from a
variety of eucalyptus called “Globulus” – imported from China and it simply does not have the strong long lasting
fragrance that real Australian Eucalyptus Oil is renowned for.

1 Litre Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Oil


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