The story behind Sandra Messner. Artist in oils.

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Sandra Messner, Victoria Artist.

I started painting around 10 years ago, as a child I would dabble into my creative side. I Stopped painting in my teen years. Ten years ago I was diagnosed with heart disease. I work in palliative care a job I loved, but having to give up work was hard, So I started to paint again, it has been very healing and in doing so I got my spirituality back, each painting I do takes me through a journey of such overwhelming beauty. Which I love to bring to the buyer for them to go through this journey in this art piece. I mainly work in oils its a beautiful medium. For my backgrounds I love using my fingers to get a beautiful blending look. I love to paint nature, seascapes, and I now taking a journey into landscapes. My artworks Have gone to Holland, America, Sydney, Queensland. Just being in my studio day to day has been so rewarding for me as a person knowing that my art has bought happiness into someone's life.

Just recently I painted a series of the King Parrot. The one thing I have learnt is enjoy what you love, in each and everyone one of us is wisdom, spirituality. Sandra Messner.

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