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Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Just thought I’d drop in and introduce myself so you could get to know the person behind the artworks. I’m Kathy Lee from Art by Kathy Lee and have to pinch myself some days when I see what’s happened in the last 12 mths or so.

I went into lockdown with my youngest daughter and her family at the start of lockdown in 2020 and, in an attempt to stay sane, took up painting for the first time. I‘m a grandmother with 6 (soon to be 7 grandchildren), and love bushwalking, kayaking and coffee catch-ups ☕ and, thi interested in crafts, had never painted before.

I now paint most days, have a website and an Instagram account with over 4500 followers (klkatlee) and have been selling my art successfully over the last 18mths, all of which blows my mind a little if I stop to think about it.

What does that tell me? It’s never too late to try something new, and believe in what you do. I didn’t know I could paint, never thought I would have a website or sell my art.

The sky really is the limit - I have just had one of my pieces accepted by The Australian Watercolour Muster 2021 - the chemistry of Watercolour

Rhino Has the Blues is a reflection on endangered species disappearing from our planet, and was created totally in Watercolour.

I’d love you to check out more of my art on Splatter and please feel free to

message me in the comments.

Hope to catch up with you soon 😁💕

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