Olga Megele

Olga loves creating. Her art is a reflection of her life. It is bound up in the day to day, as each piece is a reflection of her musings on life and the world that we inhabit. It is often poetic in nature, with titles that bestow a deep significance into a simple sky, a moment captured or a feeling from the heart.

Olga's style might vary from realism to abstraction to abstract pieces. Her paint application is like handwriting, bold and confident, it is uniquely hers and recognisable. Olga is not one to repeat the same piece over and over with small adjustments! Each piece is a journey. She asks questions of herself and the viewer. The work delves into spaces that you forgot about, it clutches your heart just so that it can simply caress it and then carefully release it back to you.

As a teacher, Olga has worked with the youngest students through to adults. In addition to art education, her speciality is creating murals, both indoors and outdoors. These are often coupled with sculpture and landscaped areas in harmony with the environment.

Olga's work is held in private collections throughout Australia and in the USA.