Peripheral Vision, Splatter Gallery

West Wyalong NSW

Young BIg Art and Sculpture Exhibition - Guest Artist, Young NSW

Through Different Eyes, Grenfell Art Gallery Grenfell NSW

A Different Perspective, Burrangong Gallery Young NSW

Looking At Looking, Grenfell Art Gallery Grenfell NSW

Louise Adams

Australian Artist Louise Adams works in a variety of mediums. From whimsical wire horse and figurative sculptures to vibrant, abstract acrylic paintings, her diverse range of contemporary artworks are available for purchase.

‘I delight in creating and hope these shine through in my original artwork. My aim is to create pieces that are aesthetically pleasing, all of my pieces are one-off originals.”

Louise Adams is based in the Riverina (NSW) and works in a variety of mediums. Graphite, pastel and acrylic are generally her 2D mediums of choice, she also creates 3D sculptural pieces in soapstone, serpentine and wire. Entirely self taught, creativity is a journey of constantly learning and developing.

Louise is a great experimenter and is happiest when allowing an artwork to take her where it will. The creative process generally involves an idea, laying down some colour, becoming totally sidetracked from the original idea and finishing with a completely unplanned piece. She prefers to live with a piece for several weeks, tweaking and altering until the artwork ‘looks right’. Having an affinity with nature and animals, much of her work is inspired by one or the other. The colours of her environment, the sweep of a hill, the sculptural form of a tree or the delightfully tactile nature of fur are all an endless fascination and inspiration to her.

Believing the creation of art is almost as important as breathing, Louise describes the need to create as a cross between a compulsion and obsession. This has led to Louise recently giving up her full time (paid) job in order to retire and pursue her art practice on a full time basis. She is finally pursuing a life long dream.