Lisa Gaudron

Thanks for taking the time to look at my art and to find out more about me and my work. My name is Lisa and I am currently based in the Hunter Valley of NSW.

I am a realistic artist and my current medium of choice is acrylic paints, usually on canvas. I also enjoy creating coloured pencil and oil pastel sketches on paper as well as sculptural works using textiles and yarn. My inspiration is the natural world, particularly botanicals as well as wildlife, from large animals and birds to tiny insects.

My paintings almost hyper-realistic, though they sometimes have expressive or abstract backgrounds. They’re the end product of a process that normally starts with a lot of photos. I take those myself on walks around my local area and trips further afield when possible. Usually there are a lot of different exposures for each one to capture the details that I need, as well as all the different angles and the way the light behaves.

I have a fascination with light, colour and texture and how they shape our perceptions which I hope to explore more in future work. Some of my artworks have deeper meanings, but many are the result of a compulsion to capture and share the beauty and the joy of a moment in time. We’ve all had moments where an image (or the story that an image tells) just takes our breath away. I try to bring that feeling to my art, because those moments are precious. Joy is necessary.