Lee Pilon

 ‘All Kinds’

Lee has always played with a variety of designs on paper and with the use of many colours. His interest in nature and history is often carried over into his subjects he puts on canvas and board.

His love of travel has given him many ideas; from the places he has been to and from places he has read about….

Whilst travelling down the West coast of Australia, where he visited many art galleries from Darwin, Broome and down to Margaret River; he realized his potential from the many artistic examples he had come across; and developed his ideas that he had had from early on in his life, into a more structured art-form’, so to speak.

The penny had dropped!

With more of an imagination than skill; he believes that there is a lot more to learn for himself in this artistic World, he feels that he is an explorer in a world of colour and design…

To create something unique, interesting, unusual and beautiful, out of nothing more than paint, brush and his imagination, is to him extremely satisfying and fulfilling….

Enjoy his many works of art!