Kaye Coglan

I have a passion for Art. I love painting, drawing in all mediums. I am a self-taught artist and have had the natural gift of drawing all my life. I love following Artist groups and like being around like-minded people that share the same interest. I love the art of creating a different imaginative feel especially when I am painting and the art takes on its own personality.

My creative skills come alive when I see something I want to paint. I love to explore the unusual and seek out new places and travel just for art alone.


I believe the gift or natural talent is like a muscle that needs exercising. Looking back, I believe my Art started to strengthen and grow when my previous employer encouraged me in the gift, where I worked in a professional role for two years incorporating art.  After quite a few years working in a different field of work, I picked up the brush again. Much to my surprise after purchasing Art items, the shop manager asked me to do 'Pet Portraits,' to sell in his shop. I was greatly encouraged. I have done several commissioned sold pieces in the area of 'Pet Portraits.'

I enter competitions and have been a finalist in the Lethbridge Gallery, in Brisbane.