Kathy Lee

Hi, My name is Kathy Lee and I am a self taught artist working with watercolour paint and alcohol inks in Sydney.

A mother of 3 and grandmother of 6, I took up painting in April 2020 as a result of the Covid isolation and discovered a passion and joy in the creation of works of art, often reflecting the unique flora, fauna and landscapes of our beautiful Australia.

I find you can't be bored or stressed when you're painting, and looking at a beautiful piece of art always lifts your mood and makes you feel good - a bonus in these days of Covid

My fascination with arts and crafts led me to create works in resin art, ceramics, silk paintings , jewellery, textiles and bobbin lace, before discovering my passion for watercolour and alcohol ink. I love colour and enjoy the challenge of each new painting.

I'm committed to making my artworks affordable to keep them in reach of all Aussie families, and to encourage children to experience the joy to be found in creativity.

The designs are one of a kind, but commissions are available, if you want something similar to a piece which has already sold, or a special project of your own. I'm also happy to do Pet commissions so all enquiries are welcome.

I hope you enjoy looking at my artworks!