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Narrabundah ACT 2604

Hasnat "Leena" Jahan

Australia is a creative nation. Research shows that a large number of Australian populations engage with arts and culture. As an Australian, I acknowledge the positive impacts of arts and creativity on our lives and our communities. I am a self-motivated visual artist who began exhibiting work professionally since the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020.

I see myself as a traveller, a nature lover and a dreamer. I love to sow seeds, grow flowers and create my own wonderland in my thoughts and mind. My simple impressionistic pieces, mostly of landscapes, rivers, lakes and flowers are from my imagination and memories from my travels to beautiful places.

As a self-taught painter, my passions are not limited to oils and acrylics on canvases. My brush also touches papers, potteries, wood panels and metals. However, most of my work uses oil and acrylic on stretched canvases. Almost all my paintings have high quality gloss varnish which holds the brightness and protects from sunlight or moisture.

I find all of these are soul quenching. I believe that my artworks will enrich and expand the lives of Australians with a current focus on mental health, social connection and sustainability.

As a poetry lover, I love writing poems that come from my imaginary world too.

Hope you can travel on the same flights of imagination as me